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Lately we’ve been living a fever for sports and healthy living that is driving us a little bit crazy. Exercising is great, but before you start it is essential to see a specialist and follow specific guidelines to help us avoid injury and achieve better results. Train wherever you want with the Android FitOn app.

FitOn is another great app for home fitness classes, especially if you want to commit to a long term goal. When you sign up for FitOn, you create a profile that includes your preferred intensity level for workouts, your fitness goal, the types of classes you enjoy the most, the number of sessions per week you you will do and the duration of each session.

Lose weight, lose weight, build muscle, tone up or relieve stress

In this application we will find custom tables tailored to our goals and needs. All you need to do is download the APK file, answer a few simple questions and start the training wherever you want.

Lose weight and stay fit anytime, anywhere with free, personalized workout plans.

Get in shape from anywhere

We will be able to choose to do live training sessions or follow the ones that are already recorded and join the community and our friends. We can watch them live, download them, schedule them, mark them as favorites and invite our colleagues to join us.

The videos are guided by renowned trainers like Katie Dunlop and Cassey Ho, and the choice is huge: pilates, HIIT, stretching, workouts with kids, cardio, workouts without equipment, yoga, circuits, dance, exercises to do before bed, prenatal, low impact, and even quarantine sessions, among others.

In addition, we will find a lot of useful tips and options for installing alarms so that you don’t forget to train. On the other hand, in the pro version of the app there are also diets and nutritional recommendations to complement our exercise plan.

How to get into the house?

FitOn App Bottom Line

Did the FitOn App live up to our expectations? We weighed the pros and cons before we came to our final decision.

#1 free workout app

Who Designed the FitOn App?

How to Contact Customer Support FitOn App?

How much does the software cost for FitOn?

Is There a Policy on Refunds?

How does the FitOn App Argument function?

What are FitOn Program Details?

For any case, the FitOn App streams workouts. In small spaces, with friends or with their children, users can select activities that they can perform. Some classes are targeted at a particular area, while others include a full-body workout.

You can use the FitOn App on Roku, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Samsung Smart TVs, LG Smart TVs, and Amazon Firestick.

Does it integrate with health services or wearables?

Apple Watch Watch


FitBit for

Recently, FitOn revealed that they plan to soon add Straps and Samsung watches to their list of supported products.

Can FitOn App and lose weight?


High-intensity Interval Training

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) utilizes short bursts of intense exercise coupled with low-intensity activities designed for recovery. A study published in Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism suggests that HIIT burns more calories than cardio or strength training.

Postnatal Exercise

FitOn is a fitness platform designed by women for women, making sense that they include postnatal exercises in their streaming library. A study published in Obesity Research found that regular postnatal exercise can improve mood, reduce BMI, and potentially help with lactation.

Strength Training

According to a study published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, strength training can increase your resting metabolism. The increase is admittedly small, but including strength training in your exercise regimen may help you reach your goals faster.

Another study published in Current Sports Medicine Reports found that resistance training could have some strong benefits on health.


Cardio is famous for a reason. The evidence, including a study published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Medicine, shows that cardio burns more calories in overweight individuals than other exercises. The more you weigh, the more weight you’ll lose with regular cardio sessions.

What are twarnings and side effects of the FitOn App ?

What the consumers say?

“Workouts would not load up, the app would shut down constantly, then restart hours later, even if I tried to reopen the app without me.”

“Great app! BUT you do sometimes need equipment. And you can’t get some features without premium. And it lags a little. Some of the workouts are a bit to hard as these are professionals. But there are some great challenges and they post on social media (eg instergram )…over all pretty good app i like it but I’m not sure if I would recommend it but that is just me try it out for yourself it might be good for you Thx for reading.”

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