How to control a temper?

“I am told that I have nothing … But I do feel that I have something! “

It’s a thought that comes up often.

It’s such a strong intuition that you have no doubts. There is something wrong.

Maybe you are more tired than usual … Or you feel heavy, gloomy, upset …

You expect your doctor to give you an answer — to put words into your pain.

But when he examines you, surprise: no symptoms… therefore, no diagnosis.

Your symptoms do not respond to any diagnosis?
In the worst case scenario, he’ll tell…

What are the healthiest food for heart?These three types of heart medication hide nasty surprises.

Heart disease is the pharmaceutical industry’s biggest source of income.

For twenty years, anti-cholesterol drugs, anti-hypertension, anti-coagulants, anti-angina pectoris, prance at the head of the sales.

Globally, this represents $ 200 billion in spending each year. Problem: These drugs never cure the cause of the disease. They only serve to mask the symptoms.

But since they are a “cash cow” for the pharma industry, they are actively and often shamelessly promoted to patients.

We explain to them how these drugs are “essential” for them, but…

What are the health benefits walking everyday?How about walking 30 min a day benefits?Can you lose weight by walking 30 minutes a day?

Eight things that happen in your body when you walk every day

Staying in shape can be tricky, but you have to worry a little if you want to stay healthy.

Fortunately, you don’t need to join a gym or run 10 kilometers every day.

Walking regularly, and at your own pace, can already make a huge difference in keeping you healthy.

You improve oxygenation and blood supply to your brain, which increases your cognitive abilities. Your…

Do you think too old to start marathon?

Rejuvenate your arteries by 4 years preparing for the marathon

As a teenager, I ran too much.

It caused me to lose muscle mass (I was “skinny as a cuckoo,” my mom used to say) and gave me pain in my knees, which luckily went away when I stopped running.

Also, running too much wasted time.

We end up running five, six, seven, ten hours a week, as much time that could have been used for something else, more useful for me (and for the nation).

In short, I have stopped running…

Loneliness is more dangerous for your health than tobacco, alcohol and obesity.So there is nothing worse for a man than being alone.How to avoid feeling lonely?

Or, to put it another way, if you live with a happy, large family surrounded by lots of loyal friends, you can afford to eat more than you need to!

Consistently questioned in health information campaigns, obesity is less dangerous than loneliness and isolation. Who tells the children?

“Social isolation, family breakdown, geographic mobility and the anonymity of the neighborhood deteriorate the physical and emotional health of adults and children alike.”

“There is strong…

I only tasted ginger for the first time as a teenager, when an aunt brought back “ginger cookies” from a trip to England.Want to know what are the ginger health benefits.

It was before the tunnel. Before Internet and Easyjet. England seemed like a distant and mysterious country to us, and gingerbread cookies were a curiosity!
Of course, my aunt hadn’t told us about it, but I learned soon after from a classmate that ginger is “aphrodisiac.”
“Aphrodisiac ?? “
Again, I didn’t know that word.

He wasn’t mentioned all the time in magazines. What a distant time! …

What are the best reusable masks?This is one of the questions many are asking especially after the government has indicated that many do not know how to properly use a mask. In general, the mask must perfectly match the shape of your face. The idea is to prevent air from entering without being filtered by the mask. The nasal part and at the level of the cheeks are the most critical places on which special attention should be paid.

Different masks such as FFP2 or surgical masks have a small aluminum rod at the nose that allows the mask to…

AB Smart Health What is the best watch for workout? Innovation smart fitnessWhat is the best watch for workout?

The smart watches that track steps have come back into fashion to help us take as many steps as possible on a daily watches that track steps

AB Smart Health The best fitness trackers for women 2021The best fitness trackers for women 2021


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